My name is Sangappa. I have been a taxi driver in Puttaparthi for 12 years. My company used to be Suleman Taxi - now the name is Sangappa Taxi. 

I provide safe, reliable and comfortable transportation from Bangalore Airport to Puttaparthi and back, when you need to go home. 

I know the city of Puttaparthi by heart and can provide you with hotel accommodation at very fair prices. 

I am here to help and serve :-)

Love from Sangappa

Safe cars

​All our cars are safe and well maintained.


Sai Devotee

Book now +91 944 0586 953

For Airport pick-up or drop-off, please call 4 hours in advance. 

At Sangappa Taxi we are all Sai Baba devotees and have many years experience in helping other Sai Devotees arrive safely to Puttaparthi. 

We will pick you up from the airport and make sure that you arrive safely in Puttaparthi at a hotel or apartment. We also drive you to the airport, when you need to travel home.

Our promise

Responsible drivers

​All our chauffeurs are responsible and safe drivers.

On time

we will always be on time - even if your flight is delayed, we will wait for you.